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VermiHut Worm Farm ( 3 tray ) Claystone Beige


The VermiHut, Australia's favourite Worm Farm, is similar to most tiered worm farms on the market, except our design is more pleasurable to the eye. We think the Vermihut is the world's most beautiful worm farm, with excellent function and form. The VermiHut has a one piece moulded leg system which will not collapse under the weight of its contents or when knocked by a passer by, unlike other clip-in leg system models. The VermiHut has been manufactured to Australian Design Specifications for Australian requirements, incorporating worlds best practice design. 

The VermiHut Kit contains.
Three working trays or tiers, coconut fibre bedding material, manuals and information sheets, lid, liquid collection tray and dispensing tap, a sturdy and robust one piece leg system. Free email and phone assistance is also available.

Click here to view an excellent instructional video on the Vermifactory, effectively the same product as the Vermihut, under another name !

Other great features of this popular worm farm Include:

  • Three colours of Claystone ( Beige ), Firestone ( Red ) and Lime ( Bright Green )
  • Beautiful design, looks fantastic and matches all backyard settings.
  • Teaches children and parents, singles and couples, the benefits of recycling.
  • Light and sturdy construction, making it easier to handle by young and old.
  • Smaller size means quicker turnover of trays, providing fresher castings.
  • Light fun colours, with less heat absorption, keeps worms cooler in summer.
  • Accommodates up to 3 to 4 kgs of worms, for family kitchen waste processing.
  • Holds near 35 litres of organically processed worm castings, great your garden.
  • Holds near 10 litres of liquid worm fertiliser, great for your garden and plants.
  • Ideal for small and large backyards alike, also balconies, courtyards etc.
  • Waterproof lid to help keep out the extreme weather elements.
  • Advanced aeration holes positioned on the side of the lid, rather than on top.
  • Can place indoors, kitchen, bathroom and still look great, unlike other brands.
  • Ease of accessibility, makes problem management and remedial action easier.

About Vermihut Colours & Exterior Finishes.

Claystone Beige is just a colour and not a style of finish. Suppliers use the word Claystone, so that people have a better idea of the colour, to help avoid uncertainty about the colour beige. This naming convention applies to other colours where they might add an extra word to give people a better idea of the colour. Claystone Beige is a tan / light brown colour. Sandstone Cream is more a cream / light yellow / white colour. See the images to get a better idea.

VermiHut exterior finishes are a gloss style as shown in the web site images. Functionally of course it's the same great worm farm product, with 3 trays for good compost aging and rotation, capable of producing rich worm castings and liquid worm fertiliser ( diluted with water ) for your plants.

Best valued Worm Farm in Australia ! Hands Down !

We believe the Vermihut Worm Farm / Compost System, is the best valued Worm Farm product in Australia. Bear in mind this is the 3 tray system we are referring to. The closest competitor sells a 2 tray black unit just a bit cheaper. We would recommend the 3 tray unit, as it gives you a better rotation time for your compost and worm castings to be processed and mature, giving you significantly better quality worm castings compost and liquid worm fertiliser for your garden. You really can't beat nature at it's own game. VermiHut, is clearly Australia's natural choice, when it comes to household Worm Farming / Composting of your kitchen waste.

Product Spec Sheet  Specification Description Approximate Details
Dimensions Fully Assembled stacked 3 trays 40 cm x 40 cm x 75 cm

Single Tray unit 40 cm x 40 cm x 13.5 cm
Weight Empty 4 kg

Full 10 kg
Material Mostly Recycled Plastic

  • Model: CSVH
  • Shipping Weight: 4kgs
  • 938 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: VermiTek

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